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Back on the Blog!

by on Mar.27, 2014, under Movie Design, Star Trek

Well, after a VERY long time of being inactive… I’m back for a little bit… with this small offering.

Animation of my Star Trek – The Motion Picture USS Enterprise… big surprise huh.  She’s been totally rebuilt and now there are no bits left from the Director’s Edition model except for the interior of the Arboretum! :)

I’ve given this animation a tiny bit of “JJ”-ness… hope you don’t mind.

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Art Prints, Charming.

by on Jan.17, 2013, under Unabashed Capitalism

After a while of wondering how to go about it, and after being inspired by Andrew Probert’s Prints that he sells on his site (www.probertdesigns.com), I decided to open up a little shop and make available some of the artwork that I’ve done.  Hope you enjoy these images, and if you like them, don’t hesitate.  Each of these will be EXTREMELY limited, Hand Signed, personalized if you want… and printed on lovely Premium Lustre Photo Paper.  My plan is to offer these for a bit, then switch them out for others… so if you want one, act quick, or they’ll be gone.

2entstogether002 gort_production hiresmag_changesv2 mfmposter_fin tmpengine1_028bigg tosonset5


Here’s the Link to my store:


Easy, huh?

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Hamming it up for Phase II – (UPDATED) Clip viewing window over…

by on Jul.22, 2012, under Star Trek, Wackyness

UPDATE:  The clip was put up for viewing for just a short time, and it’s removed now… so we’ll just have to wait until the episode is finished… :)

Last month I had the chance to go and play Star Trek with James Cawley and his intrepid band of volunteers known as Star Trek Phase II… I had visited them a couple years ago when they were making another episode focusing on a young Kirk in his Academy days… and it was a blast.  So, when Cawley called me up last year and asked if I’d like to be Procounsel Claudius Marcus, ruler of Magna-Roma, the planet that the Enterprise crew visited in the classic episode “Bread and Circuses”, how could I turn him down. (we had previously been in talks about me playing another high profile guest starring role in another episode, but the logistics never worked out…)  So when I showed up on set in the Procounsel’s Chambers decked out in my fancy Roman Emperor Space wear, it was a great time.  I got to chew the scenery with the great cast, including newcomer Brian Gross as the “new” Captain Kirk, stepping in for Cawley who has given up the center seat in order to concentrate on producing this wildly popular fan production.  Also in my scenes were Brandon Stacy as Spock, and John Kelley as McCoy…  All three of them were very supportive of this first time guest star… and I thank them for their encouragement…

James was so excited by the stuff he was seeing in the early cut of the episode, that he was busting to share it with everyone… so here is a slightly spoiler-y scene from the episode… where I got to have a fun stare-down with the captain.  It is VERY rough… not a final edit by a long shot, and the sound and color grading have to be done… so this is Phase II at its absolute roughest form… but it is still fun.


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The latest trainwreck…(UPDATED 7/13 am) Three more Shatnerized 007 Themes!

by on Jul.10, 2012, under Wackyness

I had this idea…


and I just had to do it… so here are the first couple entries…


The Cover Art for this thing...

I was wondering why no one had tried this before… I think we’ll find out.

I’ve wanted to do some kind of musical thing in the Shatner Ouvre for some time… ever since in the early 90s, I teamed up with my friend Dylan DelGuercio to form “The Counterfeit Bills” the world’s first and last team Shatner Impersonators, I’ve had an affinity for it.  A couple of months ago, it struck me… something from the 60s and 70s that has remained untouched by all that is Shat… well, no more.

“A View to a Bill” (the title suggested by Mark A. Altman for me) is a collection of the James Bond 007 themes done up in true Shatnerian style…I’m trying to do them all… but I just couldn’t wait to start releasing them.  Here are a couple of my favorites to get the ball rolling…

VTAB-Goldfinger  – new version… the old one I hated. lol  and it’s my album, I can do what I want.






NEW VTAB-The Man With the Golden Gun

NEW VTAB-Diamonds Are Forever

NEW VTAB-All The Time in the World

Download them and play them on your computer or music device… and enjoy… if you can.  (Headphones recommended in public situations)

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Your Quarterly dose of Enterprise.

by on Mar.30, 2012, under Movie Design, Star Trek

Hey all… I’ve been neglecting the blog for a while, so I figured it was time to put up something… so here it is… enjoy.  I brought the old girl out of mothballs and lit her up… (for another project that I’ll tell you all about sometime… )… and before you all go “DIRECTOR’S EDITION HD????” … um… no.  Unfortunately.  I was thinking about being cruel and posting that work had commenced on the DE:HD.  But I would have had to post it on Sunday, if you know what I mean.  Anyway… here you go. Share and enjoy.  Click on it.  The picture is huge.

A Tall Ship


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